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We offer products based on your requirements with regards to Digital Security Systems.

Selling the Best Products that you need...

A group of Professionals will assist you and advice to choose the best option.

Advising of a team witn experience

Our Team is available on the project you have, and we can couple it to better eco green products for a Life Style more clean. We invite you to Know our Eco-Green Products...

Project Planning for 
"a World more Clean..."

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ANNESA is a family company founded in 1958. Through our site we are showcasing our extensive experience and technology in the brands we represent, which contribute daily in the developing of solutions for your clients with a variety of systems and security equipment.

The wide variety of Digital Security Systems that ANNESA offers is the perfect combination of functionality and style, that permit each system to adapt to all environments, requests and applications that a client may need.

Here at ANNESA Group  what sets us apart from other companies is our tradition of maintaining our quality throughout the years and for always keeping up-to-date with all the latest technology.

Annesa appreciates the constancy of work and experience acquired over the years and can proudly say that Annesa is a faithful company and servant in the field of Telecommunications and Security, as both Employees, Suppliers and Distributors form one family, making possible the reliability of each of the systems that the company provides.

This new presentation shows that the Mission of Annesa  is to keep the style in the attention and clear personalized guidance to its distinguished clientele, the high quality of the products, and the international prestige of the Brands represented by providing the tools and support necessary permits from your competitors.

In this way, it is a pleasure to be Annesa Group Companies for more than 60 years Provider Solutions in Digital Security Systems… for residences, businesses, industries, hospitals and clinics.

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